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Advice for the trip. Before you travel with your pet

Please read carefully the advice provided when travelling with pets. If you follow the rules recommended by Viaje de Mascotas your pet will enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.

Tips for traveling with pets

  • Play with your pet more than you normally do and take it for long walks, it will be helpful for the stress related to the preparation of the travel.
  • If you pet has a toy or a blanket, place it in the kennel. It will make your pet feel safer and better.
  • Control what your animal eats the days prior to the journey.
  • Feed your pet four hours before we pick it up.
  • If you have a kennel, put your pet inside it for short periods of time so that it can get used to it.

If you follow the advice, your pet will enjoy the trip.

Have these tips been useful for you? Do you have any trips or ideas that can improve the journey of your pet? Please, leave a comment. It may help others.