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About us

Our purpose is to offer you the best service when dealing with pet transportation, bearing in mind that many pet services do not follow the rules related to animal transportation and comfort. That is one of the reasons why we have decided to offer this service, following strictly the rules related to animal comfort and transportation.

We offer exclusive transportation of your pet treating it as real passengers, stopping every four hours to walk the pets so that they can relieve themselves.

Your pet will spend the night in a hotel conditioned for pets in order to reduce the stress.

Why should you choose Viajedemascotas?

  • We follow all the legal rules: Spanish, European and DEFRA
  • We are the best choice to transport your pet to the UK (through the Eurotunnel)
  • We only transport pets
  • We have established regular stops in all our trips in order to stimulate your pet
  • On long trips your pet will stay in special hotels conditioned for pets
  • We will not neglect your pet
  • Our vehicles are well-prepared to provide your pet with safety and comfort
  • Our vehicles have been checked and recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Farming and Cattle Raising and Health.
  • We know different kinds of pets; therefore, pets, which could feel uncomfortable with each other, will never be transported simultaneously.
  • We offer door to door service
  • If needed, your pet will stay in a hotel conditioned for pets

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to transport your pet. We will be pleased to help you.