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Services: Pet travel

Services: Pet travel

In Viajedemascotas we offer two kinds of services:

  • Scheduled routes: check the routes that we offer and if they suit your needs get in touch with us in order to complete the booking. Suggestions on routes are warmly welcome.
  • Exclusive routes: if you prefer your pet to have an exclusive trip, you can book this option to get better conditions.

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Ways of paying

Viaje de Mascotas offers an exclusive treatment when transporting your pet. We will make breaks every 4 hours to walk and allow the pets to relieve themselves. It will be very easy to travel with your pet using our services. Your pet will spend the night at hotels prepared for them, with the purpose of lowering the stress of your best friend.

We will pick your pet up and hand it over to you where it suits you best; we offer complete door to door service. We fulfil all the legal regulations and our business is only based on pet transportation. Your pet will never travel with dangerous animals. Comfort and safety are guaranteed. We also have vet service available 24 hours during the travel.